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What is Pearl Sugar?

What is Pearl Sugar?
Belgian wafels use yeast as the leavening agent in a cold-fermented process. The hallmark of Liège wafels (a specific type within the Belgian wafel...

2 Years of Vafels - Newsletter

2 Years of Vafels - Newsletter
  The purpose of this newsletter is two-fold.  I’d like to share with you an exciting short-term initiative that contributes to Personal Protectiv...

Vafels, Concieved || Part II

"In April 2018 I quit my job to work on Vafels...This was where it all began. This was the conception of Vafels."

Vafels, Concieved || Part I

Plant-Based Liege Wafels

The Conception of Vafels, Part I

Vafels welcomes you to read, in 2 parts, the evolution of these vegan Liege-style Belgian wafels.