Liège Vafel Care

Our packaging is designed to preserve freshness as long as possible without unnecessary additives to enhance shelf life. Our Vafels are small-batch made so you get the freshest wafels - hot off the irons!

Storing Vafels

Outside of Boulder, CO, wafels are shipped via USPS 2-day Priority in the U.S. within hours of creation. But, because we don't have additives in our foods, we recommend consuming shipped wafels within 5-7 days of receiving them, or keeping them in the freezer until you're ready for a snack.

We recommend you store Liège Vafels for up 2 months for the best taste, though you can freeze them up to a year if you need to.

Best toasted

Toasting Liège Vafels brings out the flavor complexity of these handmade wafels to life.

However, if you're on-the-go like most of us and there's no toaster to be found, you can eat them frozen or at room temperature, too. We find ourselves most often eating Vafels mid-adventure at ambient temperature because we're too excited to wait!

Try not microwave! When microwaved, moisture turns into steam, softening baked goods. Toasting is the ideal, just be careful not to burn them.

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how to care for your fresh vafels