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Plant-Based Liège Wafels

We were first introduced to the Liège Wafel — a brioche-based dough and pearl sugar infused snack — as cyclists racing in Belgium where wafel carts line the streets. Unlike any waffle you’ve ever had, Vafels are a modern take on a centuries-old tradition. Handmade in Boulder, Colorado from carefully selected organic and plant-based ingredients, Vafels are delivered in Boulder and shipped Nationwide.

Steeped in tradition


Unlike a typical waffle batter that requires baking powder for leavening, Vafels uses active yeast, the centuries-old method.

Dough, Not Batter.

Our Brioche-Based dough cold-ferments overnight. The slow rise allows time for more complex aromas and flavors to develop.

Authentic Liège Wafels.

Our waffle dough is then infused with pearl sugar imported from Belgium in an authentic Liège wafel iron, caramelizing sugars to perfection.