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Blueberry Vafels

Blueberry Vafels

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The Blueberry Liège Vafel is infused with fresh blueberries and steeped earl grey tea, balancing the sweetness of our imported Belgian pearl sugar in this yeast-risen dough.



Blueberry Vafel Ingredients:<Wheat flour, water, organic brown sugar, organic palm fruit oil, pearl sugar, blueberries, organic whole ground flaxseed, vanilla extract, salt, earl grey tea, yeast.

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Customer Reviews

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Dexter Kopas
Yum town

The pearl sugar really puts this over the top. Such a unique and delicious snack

Kevin T.
Easy to make, good taste, excellent for pre-ride meal

Took a while to adjust to the taste and how to properly cook these. I love the convenience of making these before a ride and how good they are.

I keep them stored in the freezer. When I'm ready to eat one, I throw one in the toaster for long enough to heat it. (I don't toast them to a crisp!)

I'll usually have a smoothie bowl (or oatmeal) and one of these before long duration rides and they have been excellent for not bonking!

Bob Kuehn
Almost like being in Belgium

Liege Vafels have become a favorite and staple addition to my diet. If you have not tried them you must; they are the real deal as the often used saying goes. All that’s missing is the return of the much missed GF variety.