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50 Maple Stroopvafels
Jonathan Cavner
Love em ❤️

I take one of these with me as I start my bike ride. Great energy on the bike! Tastes amazing! 👍🏼

The Best!

I have not been to been to Belgium since the late 1990s...would love to revisit and experience the cycle-centric culture and passion, but at least Will and Vafels allow me to enjoy a Belgian favorite at my "will" (See what I did there? 👍😃🧇). The best! 🙏👍❤️🚴🧇

Original Vafels
Katherine Runge
Really yummy! But...

Vafels are amazing!! ...but I only received half of my order, and never heard back from the customer support email when I followed up about it 😅

Blueberry Vafels
Bob Kuehn
Almost like being in Belgium

Liege Vafels have become a favorite and staple addition to my diet. If you have not tried them you must; they are the real deal as the often used saying goes. All that’s missing is the return of the much missed GF variety.

Original Flavak

Slammin as usual.

Yummy running fuel

Awesome vegan stroopwaffles for the trails! Delish.

Melts in your mouth

Delish! Great over coffee with oat milk.

Maple Vafels
Juanita McLaughlin
Only tried the original

It is great

Cinnamon Vafels
Jonathan Mandel

Cinnamon is the best because you can put maple syrup on it and have the best flavor combo in the world. Plus, the most important is that the quality of the Vafel waffle is superb so you are starting with a good quality base to put your flavor on!

Great Cycling Calories

Effective and delicious, especially if you’re tired of those mass produced cycling snacks.

A treat

Tasty treat for mid ride stop and as a pick me up on a Monday morning.

So Yum!

Love the stroops, especially maple. I grab one for an afternoon work snack for the pick-me-up. I wrap one around a banana for a mid-ride snack. I warm one on my cup of coffee in the morning. I even share one for an after-dinner snack with some berries & yogurt. Love em

Stroop da loop

Best taste and texture of the stroop offerings out there. Zero gripes with the product. My ONLY issue is the packaging. Still, 5 stars in my book. Stroop di woop di scoop!

Maple Vafels
Ross Cornelissen

Maple Vafels

June 5th - Supertraining

R&D - Protein Vafels

SO SO dry, as well as bland and completely inedible. Ended up tossing them all.

R&D - Protein Vafels

These protein waffles hit the spot!

Not sure how they tasted...gone too fast

I bought a bag, and immediately ate them in record time. I assume they tasted delicious like the rest of the products.

My kids' favorite flavor!

My wife and I love every flavor of vafels as a post-ride treat or a hiking snack. But our kids got super excited about vafels because of this cinnamon flavor. Now they ask for them when we go camping. They're almost as popular as making smores!

R&D - Protein Vafels
Great fuel!

Was running late and couldn't make breakfast. I grabbed a protein vafel w/pearl sugar and felt pretty good on a longish ride. Didn't bonk (and I should have). Best part is they taste just as amazingly good as the original vafel. Not grainy just as described. Hope to see this one becomes a regular flavor

Cinnamon Vafels
Steven H.

Wasn't sure if the Cinnamon flavor would be too strong when I purchased these but it's just the right amount!

Love these.

A favorite!

Just the right amount of lemon to make them light and irresistible!

Maple Vafels
Nishant Nishant
Perfect on-the-bike snack!

Really enjoyed the vafel as a substitute for the normal gel. This tastes better and might be better for me too


The Maple Vafels are my absolute favorite, whenever they are in stock I am sure to purchase a couple bags. One day perhaps they'll be back on the permanent list *fingers crossed*

A and B rides should have different routes?

Got dropped when the A riders caught the B riders- I was so gassed trying to hold on to what I thought was the combined A/B group that I didn't realize the majority of B riders were still behind me. Didn't want to ride the rest of the day solo so I just ended up riding back home to Longmont before we hit Carter. My fault but I was hoping for a longer 19- 20 mph group B ride.