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Yummy Scrumdellicious!!!!

They are SO good that I wish that I could eat them every day!!!

R&D - Lemon-Blueberry
Jennifer Hanson
Yummy Vafels

This flavor is really yummy!

Pumpkin Spice Vafels
Lindsay G
Pumpkin spice perfection

These are my favorite liege Vafel flavor. Sometimes seasonal flavors, especially pumpkin spice, can be overpowering and taste artificial... Vafels nailed it. It's subtle but very flavorful. I really hope these become a permanent addition to the lineup, even if just in the fall!

Great Product!

Wayyyyyy better than other stroopwafels! Great taste and great ingredients.

High Quality

We loved the olive green “Vafels” sweatshirt. Perfect for Christmas; soft yet sturdy; comfy yet sleek! A perfect ‘go to’ casual topper. Thanks!!

Yum Yum

These are SO good I wish that I could eat them every day!!!

Perfect afternoon snack

Hot cup of peach tea and a lemon poppy vafel are perfect on a cold afternoon in New England after skiing!


These were a great change from my usual Maple.

Perfect pre-ride snack

The Maple Vafels are my go to pre-ride snack. They're perfect before long rides and they taste amazing. Super convenient - just pop in the toaster and enjoy! I've also put a frozen Vafel in my bar bag on gravel rides and it's thawed and ready to eat when I need it.

New favorite flavor!

The lemon stroops are my favorite flavor Vafel. The hint of lemon pairs really well with the caramel - it's not too tart, it's very subtle. Tastes great with coffee and is the perfect mid-ride snack. Will definitely be stocking up on these!

January 1st - Supertraining

Maple Stroopvafels Pack of 10
Chloe Jandsten
Yum in my tum

Very good. Addictive. Dangerous but worth it.

R&D - Lemon-Blueberry
Love ‘em

Two amazing flavors combined!

New packaging

Lemon Stroopvafels are an outstanding addition to the existing offer of Maple. The new individually wrapped and now in a box is a huge advancement. The best just keep getting better.

Lemon is our NEW FAV!!!

Light and AMAZING Flavor!

Cinnamon Vafels & Maple Stroopvafels
Hell yeah

Worth every penny

Maple Vafels

R&D - Lemon-Blueberry

Best flavor yet. Gimme more!

R&D - Lemon-Blueberry

Loved the lemon blueberry!

April 30 Supertraining
Katherine Johnston Davis

October 30th - Supertraining

Pumpkin Spice Vafels
Ricky Kim Wrinkle
So good! Please make Pumpkin Spice a permanent option! 🙏❤️

Delicious and appropriate for ANY time if the year! Please make Pumpkin Spice a permanent fixture!!
🧇 ❤️🙏👍

Maple Liège Vafels
Laurie Haughey

Love the Vafels!

Mouth Popping Delicious!!

On the way down the Grand Canyon’s Kaibob trail, the Lemon Poppy Vafels hit the spot mid way. At the bottom, we heard a cry, “Where’s the snack bar!” I called them over to my pack where one of them remained! I told them if they split it, it would fuel their hike back up the trail, as the blueberry Vafel had done for me last year. Their smiles were like Christmas morning! Thank you, Vafels!!

Maple Liège Vafels
Bonnie Rogers

both the original and maple vafels are worthy of high praise. these petite yet weighty, full of flavorful goodies will be a staple in the house. neither flavor needs any enhancement; so tasty on their own. Danger, danger. can’t just eat one. looking forward to trying other selections!
will be sending these out for Christmas!

Pumpkin Spice Vafels
Kyle Blackmer
Pumpkin Spice

Love them! Wish they were available throughout the year.