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Maple Stroopvafels

Maple Stroopvafels

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The vegan maple Stroopvafel is an certified USDA organic crunchy double waffle cookie made with a maple syrup filling - brown in color with a crunchy texture and a soft chewy syrup filling.


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Ingredients: Organic wheat flour, organic palm fruit oil, organic brown rice syrup, organic sugar, organic soy flour, organic maple syrup, sea salt, natural flavour, soy lecithin, baking soda

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris Gasche
love them

thx for continuing to make them all!!

Robert Kuehn
Old world delight

A Stroopvafel resting on top of a cup of cafe', warming in the morning light. If this does not bring a sense of waking to a bright new day (or not so bright; misty and damp perhaps) in Belgium then probably not much else will. All flavors of Stroopvafels are wonderful; the maple is grand. They are without doubt the finest this side of Belgium.

All other stroopwafle makers take notes...

I'm a rather new to the Vafels, but fell in love immediately. When I saw a release for something new, I jumped on it because I'd been so happy with the originals. These stroopvafels are another level though. Like the originals, you can taste the quality of the ingredients. Really good and something you can easily cram into your cake-hole during a ride when you don't want to stop and enjoy a regular Vafel. NAILED IT.

As Delicious as Vafel's Liege Waffels - Only Different

I have been eating Vafels' Liege waffles since 2018 and I always look forward to every bite and never tire of their taste - either before I get on the bike or during long rides. I was amazed at how fresh the new Maple Stroopvafels taste. They are appropriately chewy and even a touch gooey, but hold together very nicely. I highly recommend them.

Thomas S.

Top notch release with exceptional flavor. Bravo with a vegan stroopwafel! Maples are my jam.