Pearl Sugar What? - Vafels

Pearl Sugar What?

Belgian wafels use yeast as the leavening agent in a cold-fermented process. The hallmark of Liège wafels (a specific type within the Belgian wafel family) is its integration of pearl sugar as a sweetener. We'll send you a pound for the cheapest price you can find here.

Pearl sugar is a small clump of sugar used to brighten the flavor of the brioche-like wafel dough, bringing a sweet surprise to every other bite. Sourced from sugar beets, pearl sugar doesn’t undergo much processing to achieve its color and texture. You might not know, but your everyday cane sugar (white or brown) is often filtered through active carbon (aka charcoal/bone char) derived from animals, yuck. It’s become a cheap blanching process at scale - and most brown sugars have molasses replaced after refining, so using brown sugar doesn’t necessarily skirt bone char refinement!

You might be wondering - what about your dark brown sugar? Well, Vafels sources a brilliant Organic dark brown sugar with rich flavor that doesn’t undergo bone char processing from Golden Barrel.

Both our pearl and dark brown sugars are non-GMO and vegan-friendly.

Vafels uses entirely plant-based ingredients and will always serve vegan-friendly products.